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I enjoyed meeting you at Alan Fletchers house (easter) and was thrilled with your presentation of your product. As you requested I am sending you a photo of the job I did using INSTA-FIX .
I mentioned the leek in my sprinkler galvanized pipe that is under pressure. The size of the hole I would say would be about a number 5 nail. I started the job using a JB weld product that is designed for this job.
After it dried I had a number of pinhole leeks. Adding more JB covering the pinhole leeks new leeks poped up in different places. All I was doing was chasing the leek around.
I spent a half hour filing off the JB stuff so I could try the sample you gave me. I started just covering the hole. Turning the water back on I did have a drip that took about a minute to drop. I added more product
on the pipe and made wider and a bit thicker. The water pressure has been on now for a few days now and no leeks. I am thrilled.



We are a division of Roy Foes Motors Ltd. There are several older vechicles in the inventory at Foss, which I have looked after one of them being a 1939 Cadillac Fleetwood. The foot bar in the back seat was broken and it was proving difficult to source another one. It is made of white cast metal and therefore it couldn't be welded or otherwise repaired. Someone suggested we try and new product on the market called phyxall. We use this and were very happy with the repair and the case with which this product worked. Also the cost of the repair was much less than we had anticipated. The foot bar works perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to others.

Bill Davidson

Your Slogan "Limited Only by your Imagination" is very fitting. We continuously find new uses for your product. Consistently, though we have found it to be great with all sorts of problematic trim issues. Case in point, line roof moulding on Voldswagen Passats from early to mid-2000's. Those models have a compression fill roof moulding that loves to come loose. Not so with a dab of (invisible) Phyx-all. Congratulations on a great product.

Rolf Von Engelbrechten

I have some rubber after sport sandals that I find to be very comfortable. Unfortunately, the straps disengage long before the sole wears out, rendering them useless. I have used them a lot, and am not complaining about how long they've lasted, only about how I wish they'd last even longer! As I have a very difficult time finding shoes that fit, I need to keep these few pairs going as long as possible. I actually solved the problem and will be able to use the sandals a bit more. I don't know how long the glue will hold, but it's been a few days with a lot of use, and so far, holding tightly. The glue was purchased from HSN and is called "Insta Fix". It binds many different surfaces together within seconds, so there's no time to fiddle with the fit - you must know what to do in advance. I also glued the knob back on a cabinet door after the screw broke in half - certainly much less expensive than replacing all the matching knobs.


Thank you for introducing your product Phyxall Pro to our body shop. It is an excellent product and we use it daily saving time and money. The product is easy to use, sets instantly, allowing us to sand, prime and paint immediately. There is nothing like it that we have seen and every body shop should be using it. Thank you,


Thank you for such an OUTSTANDING product! I have used it on several different applications and surfaces, and it has succeeded where others have failed. Additionally, I have saved a great deal of money by being able to salvage an item! In one instance, I was able to repair two pieces of medical equipment, which would have cost me several hundred dollars to replace! I put a review on, so that others could see how fantastic your product is! Thank you, thank you!

Deborah Alexakos

This is by far the absolute BEST repair adhesive product I have ever seen. I mean, I grew with glues and adhesives in the "junk" drawer and when you needed, IT WAS NEVER AVAILABLE, the applicator/bottle/tube was always dried up and unusable, the project had to wait because one had to go to the store to buy MORE & more than likely, FOR ONE USE before it dried up again, outside of availability, certain adhesives would not work for certain repairs. If you got to your local hardware store there is a glue for glass, one for plastic, etc.

I don't remember where I bought your product, but it has saved my life on some various things around the household. I run a cleaning company, and while i do not make a practice of repairing and placing pieces back without telling the clients. It certainly "lightens the blow" of telling someone "we broke something but look, it's fixed" and I've repaired things for clients that THEY broke and thought was unrepairable from glass, to plastic, acrylic and even a piece of jade, it is easy, ready when i need it, and most things adhere instantly! Your product is truly remarkable. Thank you immensely! It's nice to have a product you can count on!

Trish O'Leary

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