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Repairs Virtually Everything – Instantly!

Insta-Fix PRO®

Professional Strength for all of your commercial needs.

Repairs Virtually Everything

Instantly! – No Wait Time!

Insta-Fix® is a revolution in NOXYBOND® adhesive technology. Insta-Fix® Adhesive bonds virtually any type of material in seconds: plastic, porcelain, tile, rubber, cast iron, wood, copper, vinyl, steel, glass, even leather. Not only that, it bonds these different materials to each other!

Instantly! With No Wait Time!

Outstanding Quality

Insta-Fix® Filler can be added to repair holes and cracks in virtually all materials. For those “impossible” repairs it fills in the gaps and replaces missing material from the damaged item.

Fixes everything... all the time... Every time.

Insta-Fix ®

Fix Your Rim... No Problem
Insta-Fix Promo Los Angeles

What people are saying!

Jane • Florida

This is by far the absolute BEST repair adhesive product I have ever seen.... Your product is truly remarkable .... thank you immensely!!!!! It's nice to have a product you can count on!!!!!


I keep it in my tool belt. And, I use it almost every day.

Paul • Minnesota

It is an excellent product and we use it daily saving time and money. The product is easy to use, sets instantly, allowing us to sand, prime and paint immediately.

Deborah Alexakos

I have saved a great deal of money by being able to salvage an item!


It binds many different surfaces together within seconds.

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