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Limited Only By Your Imagination!

These are just some of the many uses of Insta-Fix® products. 

  • Fix holes in cracked water pipes.

  • Combine steel together 

  • Adhere any material to other materials 

  • Fixes leaks on gas lines, brake lines, air conditioning lines

  • Fix radiators leaks in rads and in rad hoses.

  • Repairs holes in metal, engines. Lower units on boats Pwc's 

  • Repairs holes in types of materials fiberglass, plastics, wood, stones, glass. Rubber.

  • You can mould new parts or pieces to fix, even if you do not have the part that was broken.

  • Works as a thread-locking adhesive

  • Fix broken Water skies, snowboards, snow skies,


House Hold Repairs

  • Fix table’s chairs that are loose or cracked and fill gouges in wood.

  • You can paint and stain the filler instantly after the fix.

  • Fix your favorite jewelry 

  • Fix any of your kids toys

  • Camera equipment

  • Bathroom sinks, bathtubs, tiles any type.

  • Repair shoes, clothing, leather and boots

  • Repairs anything on your pool - Holes in liners, pool filters, pumps, acrylics, skimmers, dial vales.

  • Fix your cracked appliances such , hair dryers, fridge’s handles, and coffee pots 

  • The most important thing with Insta-Fix® is the fact it cures in seconds and there is no down time.


The uses are endless!

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