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About Insta-Fix®

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In Independent lab tests Insta-Fix® with NOXYBOND® tested almost three times stronger than so-called “super glues.”


Insta-Fix PRO® is the miracle adhesive and filler that fixes and joins just about anything – if you can see it you can fix it – with Insta-Fix®! 

Developed by film and television professionals and used by special effects crews, high-end custom car manufacturers, jewelry designers, plumbers, electricians, installers, repair technicians, mechanics, and a host of other trades and crafts people. Insta-Fix® is the miracle adhesive and filler that bonds virtually any type of material in seconds.


Insta-Fix PRO® Adhesive bonds plastic, porcelain, glass, tile, rubber, cast iron, wood, vinyl, copper, steel, leather. Not only that, it bonds all these different materials to each other. Amazing!


What makes Insta-Fix® a phenomenon is Noxybond® technology. That means no oxygen. When the oxygen is removed by pressing the two pieces together, Insta-Fix® creates an incredibly strong bond – instantly. 


Only a drop or two of Insta-Fix® Adhesive is required (there is a lot of repairing in that little bottle). Use only a drop or two, then press the pieces together to eliminate the oxygen, and it’s done. Instantly. No curing. No waiting. On with the next job.


If there are holes or gaps to fill, that’s the time for Insta-Fix® Filler and Adhesive together. The Insta-Fix® Filler automatically starves the Insta-Fix® Adhesive of oxygen and the repair is complete. Depending on the repair, you might apply Adhesive first and then Filler or sometimes Filler and then Adhesive.


An Insta-Fix® repair is paintable and stainable. It can be drilled, sanded, or threaded.


Insta-Fix® repairs are done immediately. No time waiting for the repair to dry. The job is finished in seconds.

Unlike so-called “super glues,” Insta-Fix® will not dry out and harden, so no more money wasted on adhesives that are used only once and then throw away later.

Phyxall®...  The Story.

The Phyxall® Corp. is the leading global developer and marketer of InstaFix the most extraordinary adhesive and filler bonding system ever made for home and professional use.


Insta-Fix® is the result of years of testing and research to create the most extraordinary adhesive and filler ever made. Engineers in our laboratories were not satisfied with currently available super glues, which were tricky to use, unreliable, and dried out after only a couple of uses. They set out to create a product that was easy to use, with near Instant drying time, worked well in a variety of applications, and would last longer in the bottle. Now the everyday and professional users of the product are able to make quick, easy, time and money saving repairs/fixes…. Insta-Fix®, replacing and enhancing previously used adhesives/methods. With this phenomenal  innovation in  technology now you have a nearly unlimited range of adhesive and bonding possibilities.


Insta-Fix® is marketed to home, car, boat, pool, cottage owners via  infomercial, and retail. Insta-Fix® is marketed to commercial/ industrial, plumbing, pool/ spa, automotive, and other professional market distributors via the companies sales force.


Our mandate is to develop and market innovative products of the highest standard and quality control. Insta-Fix®  has ISO/TS 16949-202 and QS9000..ISO9002 certification.


The Phyxall® Corp.  was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

The Company We Keep

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